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Developed for the 2017 Splash Game Jam, 2 people must work together to control a quadcopter drone to deliver a package from a ship and then return the expensive drone back to the ship safely.

For the jam, the 2 analogue sticks on 2 controllers are mapped to one of the 4 rotors of the drone. The game supports both PS4 controllers and Xbox360 controllers.
Other controllers may work but haven't been tested and they are likely to only partially work.

Post jam the game has been adjusted so that if you don't have 2 controllers connected, it will default to using the keyboard instead.

These are the controls. If 2 controllers are connected, the gamepad controls will be used, otherwise the keyboard keys will be used instead.

1Left stick spin
clockwise / anti-clockwise
Power front left rotor
up / down
1Right stick spin
clockwise / anti-clockwise
Power front right rotor
down / up
2Left stick spin 
clockwise / anti-clockwise
Power back left rotor
up / down
2Right stick spin
clockwise / anti-clockwise
Power back right rotor
down / up
AnyX button (PS4) / B button (Xbox360)Release the package
AnyQ / W keysPower front left rotor
down / up
AnyO / P keysPower front right rotor
up / down
AnyA /S keysPower back left rotor
down / up
AnyK / L keysPower back right rotor
up / down
AnySpace barRelease the package

To start the game from the main screen, press the release button.
To return to the main screen, click the escape key. Click the escape key again from the main screen to close the game.

Design - Linda Kruse 
Art - Tommy Skogtrø Larsen
Code - Skully Brookes

Published Oct 28, 2017
AuthorSkully B
TagsLocal multiplayer, party-game


Dromazon - Windows 32bit build.zip 94 MB