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Developed for the LowRezJam 2016. The resolution is locked to 64x64 pixels, although on start up you have the option to scale the window to a different set size.

You play the role of a space telescope's onboard computer. Your mission is to try to discover 10 new exoplanets.

Use the WASD or Arrow Keys to rotate the telescope and left mouse click on a star that you think has an exoplanet orbiting it. Be careful however, if you choose incorrectly 5 times, it will be assumed that the onboard computer is faulty, and the mission will be abandoned.

Be careful not to point the telescope directly at the sun as it will damage the sensors and could leave the spacecraft rendered useless.

Post Jam

I've updated the computer builds so that the star hitboxes are smaller. This should make it so that you're more likely to select the star you're over.

I've also uploaded an android build. This doesn't meet the 64 x 64 requirements but allows you to play on the move. It's best played with a phone that has a gyroscope. If you don't have a gyro, then I'd advise playing with the phone starting parallel to the ground. Hold down on the screen for 3 seconds to simulate pressing the space bar (to skip the intro / restart the game).

For those with no idea how to detect exoplanets, here is a hint based on the recent Mercury transit.


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LowRezJam16 PC Build 32bit.zip 17 MB
LowRezJam16 Mac Build 32bit.zip 19 MB
LowRezJam16 Linux Build 32bit.zip 20 MB

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