A downloadable game for Windows

Developed for the 2017 Procedural game jam.

You are placed in a randomly generated dungeon. Somewhere there is a key which will unlock the door that lets you advance to the next dungeon.
There are different modes to play:

  • Play through 20 levels of increasing size
  • (infinite) Play through the 20 levels and then just keep going in the 50 x 50 levels
  • (custom) Play in a map size of your choosing. You can also play this infinitely

Currently there's no danger, which means the infinite option will only end when you've had enough!
It's possible to generate a 255 x 255 unit map, but this may take a while to generate and your PC may not like it!

W, A, S, Dmovement
Arrow keysrotation
EPickup / Throw torch
SpaceUnlock and open the door
EscBack to the main screen / Quit the game

All assets are public domain with the exception of the stone wall art, which was kindly release to the public under the creative commons 3.0 unported license for Procjam 2015 by Marsh Davies.

Install instructions

Standard Unity3D build; download the .zip file and it contains the executable file.


Mazin Dungeons 12 MB