A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made during the 48 hour Splash Jam 2016, ARDO was an ambitious undertaking and as such, is presented more as a proof-of-concept.

Created by Skully, Gemma, Rikke, Bendik and Almut, ARDO aims to communicate to the player the anxiety that can be experienced when you're in a culture completely alien to you.

The demo presents the player in two situations:

  1. A stranger starting a conversation with you on the street
  2. Trying to purchase bread from a bakery

The player must try to work out what is being said. The more that you struggle to communicate, the more anxious you will become.

Install instructions

Requires a PS4 controller to play

Will work with other controllers, but the button mappings will be off.

Typical Unity3D game, comes with a .exe file and the data files.


Ardo PC Build.zip 56 MB
Ardo Mac Build.zip 25 MB

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