Created for the 2019 Global Game Jam, based on the theme "what home means to you".


Use the left mouse button to move the player to the highlighted destinations

Let go to return home


To gain experience points (XP), move the player into the highlighted area. Overtime, the areas will move around and, depending on how quickly you gain XP, the areas will move further from homebase and provide more XP.

The player is tethered to their home. Be careful not to stretch the tether too much or it will break and the game will end. The tether will also wear out the longer you are away from home, return home to heal. Your tether can be strengthened from home depending on how much XP the player has, allowing the player to venture further out.

Try to gain as much XP within the time limit as possible.


The web build will not persist your highscore, but feel free to download the Windows or Mac build, which should keep track of your highest score.


Homebound - 17 MB
Homebound - 13 MB

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