A downloadable game for Windows

Pinball in spaaaace

Developed as part of #SputnikJam.
Unfortunately, wasn't able to fully realise the game within the 48 hours.

The idea is that the different machines represent space missions that humans have achieved in the past 60 years.

For the Jam, I made 3: Apollo, Voyager and Cassini.

Space bar controls the release pin for shooting the balls out
A key will fire thrusters on the left (if ball nearby)
L key will fire thrusters on the right (if ball nearby)

I've not tested, but the game should also work on touch screens, by clicking on the left/right side of the screen to fire the different thrusters.
Thrusters are equivalent to the flippers on a pinball machine. They look like this:


A thuster block, will blow away the satellite ball if nearby

The idea was for different information about the various missions to appear in the score screen, however that proved more troublesome than anticipated, and wasn't as fundamental as other things so dropped for the jam.
As well as refining the current missions (as their design was very much rushed) I want to add some more missions:

  • Earth Observation
  • Mars Exploration
    • Viking orbiters and landers
    • Pathfinder
    • Odyssey
    • Express
    • Spirit
    • Reconnaissance Orbiter
    • Phoenix
    • Curiosity
    • MAVEN
    • ExoMars 
  • Cassini
  • Jupiter missions
    • Galileo
    • Juno
  • Dawn
  • Rosetta + Philae
  • Hayabusa
  • Halley Armada
    • Vega
    • Sakigake
    • Giotto
    • Suisei
  • Deep Impact
  • New Horizons
  • Voyager
  • Inner solar system missions
  • Solar observation missions

Install instructions

For the jam, I've only put together 32bit Windows build.
Simply unzip and run the executable.
Esc will quit to the main menu and from there quit the game.


SputnikJamBuild.zip 19 MB

Development log